Sunday, May 23, 2010

Second picture from class at Laguna Gloria

This is the second and last picture that I painted during my illustration class. I haven't had much time to paint and draw since the class finished, so I still haven't finished it, but I'm hoping to do so over the next week.
(1st drawing) As you can see, my sketches start with stick figures. Since I'm trying to get the posing and position down I don't spend much time on these.
(2nd drawing) I use the stick figure as my guidelines and I build on top of it. I also played with making the skirt shorter, but I really like the effect of the fuller, longer skirt. It acts as a parachute and makes it feel like she is gliding down to the bed.
(3rd drawing) It's still a work in progress, but I like the richness of the dress and the contrast between it and the wall. I also like the shading on the socks. Right now the dress is the star of the picture, so I want to develop the shading on the little girl so that she pops as much as the dress. Then, I want to add a pattern on the bedspread, and finish the side table and poster.

Ballerina from class with Mark Mitchell at Laguna Gloria (AMOA)

Last month, I took my first illustration class (Intermediate Illustration) at Laguna Gloria. The class was taught by Mark Mitchell, and he is a wonderful artist and art teacher. I don't want to go into specifics about what I learned from the art class, because I don't want to infringe on Mark's intellectual property, but I will say that I learned great information about color, image placement, watercolor materials and how to evaluate my work. Mark was incredibly patient and a wonderful teacher, and I enjoyed hanging out with the other students in the class. Overall, I give the class 2 thumbs up and I can't wait to take the fall illustration class!

I try to draw every night, and the ballerina is a drawing from my sketchbook that I painted during the class. This is my 3rd original watercolor.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Evil Cupcakes Header

The header is my latest watercolor. I'm a huge fan of Shel Silverstein's work, so my next project will be to illustrate a couple of his poems.

Art Studies I

I painted this picture as a way to compare computer generated art with hand-drawn/hand-painted art. The original was done on a computer by another artist and my image was painted with watercolor paints and pencils, and ink. For the most part, the colors were the same, but there was a a certain crispness and precision that my picture lacked.

Barbie 1

As a kid, Barbie was my favorite toy. I could play with her for hours, and I think I did until I was 16. But, as much as I loved Barbie, I always wished she looked like me, not a brown replica of the blue eyed Barbie, but a Barbie with afro textured hair, medium carmel skin and my facial features. This caused me to create an entire series of Barbies that reflected me. Barbie 1 was drawn in the style of the famous 80's Barbie coloring books.


I enjoyed drawing this one, but after I finished I couldn't decide which version of the word "Clang!" I liked better. Number 3 (bottom) is the original, but I think I like #2 (middle) the most; I think it's the least expected and that's why it's my favorite of the three. What do you think?


I notice that when it's cold or snowy outside I always think of Halloween. I guess the horror movie marathons and the candy corn get stuck in my mind.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Who doesn't like candy, plastic pumkins and face paint?

Yuck! My Very First Post

This is my first step to becoming a professional artist, not an "aspiring artist" or a "I-draw-every-single-day-but-I-don't-call-myself-an-artist artist". So, I'm incredibly excited about this blog. Thanks to my family and friends, and thanks D for helping me name my blog! Enjoy!